ROCKVILLE, Md. - The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has added another title to its safety training kit offerings with the release ofRight Before the Lift: Rigging Safety. The new kit includes a training DVD, a set of pocket guides, a documentation system, and instructions for accessing a test that helps gauge whether workers are absorbing the training.

In the 14-minute training DVD, viewers learn about the technical expertise needed to rig and move the thousands of pounds of mechanical industry materials used on a jobsite each day. Employees will review the work practices that ensure safety on the site and maintain the quality and integrity of the load, from choosing the appropriate sling to working safely with crane operators.

The pocket guides offer workers a quick reference tool that reviews key points from the training DVD. A documentation system offers contractors a convenient way to document safety training, and the test offers contractors a way to determine areas in which further training may be needed.

MCAA members received free copies of all of these materials as a benefit of membership. Additional copies of the safety training kit are available for purchase for $85 (member) or $255 (non-member), plus shipping. The items are also available for purchase separately, as is a set of MCAA safety training kit tests. To order, visit or call 301-990-2200.

Publication date:09/29/2008