The Outlet Zone Damper (OZD) is an opposed blade motorized damper that can be inserted into an outlet box or floor boot to control the flow of air to any room or zone duct. It is less than 2.5 inches wide. The unit can be used as a zone damper to control individual rooms or outlets on a zone system in existing homes/buildings when there is no access to the ductwork. T oinstall, remove the existing grill or register and insert into the outlet. The damper requires a wire that is included with the damper. The wiring is a modular telephone available in 100- and 200-foot lengths of plenum-rated cable. The motor is a quiet DC-powered motor that draws little current; up to 10 dampers can be powered on a single zone. If the motor ever does need to be replaced, it can be removed by taking off the register, pulling the damper out of the duct, removing one screw. A two color LED illuminates red when closed and green when open.