The TrueZONE panels work with conventional, heat pump, or dual-fuel applications and can handle up to 32 zones (three heat/two cool). TrueZONE HZ322 panel can be used in conventional and heat pump applications up to three zones (two heat/two cool). TrueZONE HZ311 Panel can be used in conventional, single-stage applications up to three zones (one heat/one cool) The panels feature an intuitive installer setup, which is an easy-to-follow digital display that uses plain language to guide the installer through four simple steps (HZ432/HZ322 only). TrueZONE's standardized checkout procedure standardizes the checkout process so that every installer checks out in the same way, every time to ensure all zones are operating correctly before leaving the jobsite. Common-Sense LEDs indicate which zones are calling, what stage they are calling for (heat/cool) and when the emergency heat is on. A patented wire channel allows the installer to run wires on the side, top, bottom, or backside of the panel, and wire anchors help hold wires in place.