The Heat Shield™ motor is designed as a drop-in replacement of a standard induction motor used in residential HVAC outdoor condenser fan systems. The motor is a rugged motor designed to survive the harsh environment of an outdoor condenser application. The motors are suitable for a 70°C ambient condition and have a Class B insulation system. Features include upper NEMA band design, 48-inch line leads, newly developed reversing plug, an improved shaft seal, double flats on the shaft, lead seal bushing at lead exit, extended clamp bolts on both ends of the motor, drain plugs in both end shields, and accommodations for Rheem mounting holes. A box label includes competitor cross-reference information. The family of motors has a full line offering: 10 sleeve bearings models; 10 ball bearing ratings models, which each cover a range of 1/6 through ¾ horsepower (hp) in both six- and eight-pole single speed configurations. There is also a 460-V ball bearing OCF Model group of four six-pole motors that range from ¼ through ¾ hp. The Heat Shield family of motors also includes multi-hp, 4-in-1 motors.

Regal Beloit
ECM Marketing