The WiDAQ Wireless Communication System is a Zigbee-based wireless mesh communication network with universal interface. Both analog Linear output sensors and the digital Thermo-Simple sensor product line can all communicate on the network for remote temperature monitoring and control applications in the refrigeration industry. The WiDAQ is comprised of three main components, the RCC row control computer, MCC master collection computer and iDAC universal interface. Each RCC is capable of communication with up to 15 sensors that are networked together using the SpinalTap Cat5 cable and connector system. The system can have up to 120 RCC devices on the network and interface up to 300 sensors. The RCCs communicate to the MCC, and the MCC distributes the digital information to the iDAC digital-to-analog conversion boards, which supply 0-5 V linear outputs for universal interface. The entire system can be pre-commissioned and include a pre-wire interface for EMS controller applications with a complete board and point assignment map.

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