Honeywell’s TrueSTEAM Humidification System is a direct-injection steam humidifier that has been designed to operate independent of equipment operation to deliver the right amount of humidification. The unit requires a 1-3/4" cut into ductwork and mounts on a separate lightweight bracket for accurate leveling. In addition, it can also be remotely mounted up to 20 feet away from the system with a remote-mount kit, making humidification possible in homes where it was once thought impossible. No tools are required for wiring, which is done through push-in-terminal blocks.

TrueSTEAM has a re-usable tank that can be washed with soap and water or put through a dishwasher to clean annually.

The unit’s dual-action water valve solenoid automatically fills and drains when needed to inhibit build-up in the tank. The tank also automatically empties after 48 hours of inactivity to avoid water stagnation. Common-sense LED lights indicate when the system is running or needs service and also provides feedback to the installer during installation.