The Johnson Controls Inc. York® Engineered Systems’ Tempo Air-cooled Scroll Chiller is a 70 to 150 TR air-cooled water chiller that utilizes scroll compressors. It is designed for any facility or process application requiring chilled water between 40 and 55°F. Multiple factors speed and enhance the installation process, including speed piping installation with factory-installed, chilled-water pump and speed wiring installation with single-point power wiring and control-voltage transformer. According to the company, the unit, which weighs 20-35 percent less than other chillers in this capacity range, helps reduce rigging costs.
The unit also provides improved system reliability with factory-installed, dual, chilled-water pumps for standby operation. The chiller condenser coils, which can be cleaned with a pressure washer, are constructed strictly of aluminum, eliminating copper-aluminum corrosion.

Johnson Controls Inc. - Unitary Products Group
York Engineered Systems