The Micro CG-100™ combustible gas sniffer quickly and accurately detects gas leakage including low levels of methane (including natural gas), propane, butane, ammonia, and many other combustible gases. With the Tri-Mode Detection™ feature, an operator is alerted to the presence of combustible gas with a visible signal, audible alarm or silent vibration. The silent vibration alert vibrates more frequently as the user gets closer to gas, and is ideal for noisy daytime construction environments and to avoid unnecessary alarm. The Micro CG-100 gas sniffer can be adjusted to high- or low-level sensitivity within a wide overall range (40 ppm to 6,400 ppm for methane). These features help users more quickly and easily locate both smaller and larger leaks. An extra-long battery life provides more than 20 hours of use. The instrument is outfitted with an LED light at the end of the probe to help illuminate dark spaces. A 16-inch black probe hose provides easy access to confined spaces, and is secured by a built-in clip for secure storage.

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