Refrigeration Fundamentals for HVAC/R Technicians DVD


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In this 90-minute video presentation, well-known HVACR author and instructor Jim Johnson eliminates the mysteries behind the concepts of vapor compressor refrigeration systems. The program begins with a brief overview of thermodynamics, sensible and latent heat concepts, and the basic components of a refrigeration system before taking a nuts-and-bolts approach to understanding and servicing residential and light commercial equipment. The accompanying resource material CD includes an interactive resource guide, quiz questions, additional information on EPA refrigerant recovery certification, sample questions and an answer key for EPA certification and additional temperature/pressure charts.

Program Outline:

I. Refrigeration Fundamentals Review A. Heat Transfer & Thermodynamic Laws

II. Vapor Compression System Components
A. Compressors, Condensers &Evaporators
B. Metering Devices (Cap Tube & Expansion Valves)

III. Refrigeration System Accessories
A. Accumulators, Receivers & Filter Driers
B. Control & Protection Switches, Solenoids
C. Sight Glasses, EPR and CPR Valves
D. Oil Separators, Crankcase Heaters & Mufflers

IV. Accessing Refrigeration Systems
A. Safety & Proper Gauge Connection Procedures

V. Checking A System Charge, Superheat & Subcooling

VI. Refrigerant Leak Detection
A. Electronic Leak Detectors & Pinpointing Leaks

VII. Types of Refrigerants & Their Applications

VIII. Refrigerants and Oil Compatibility

IX. Evaluating & Troubleshooting A System

X. Proper Use of Recovery Equipment

XI. System Repair Procedures
A. Soldering Joints, Installing Driers & Access Valves

XII. Evacuating & Dehydrating A System

XIII. Charging A Refrigeration System
A. Charging By Weight
B. Adding Refrigerant To A System

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