Use Space Heater to Zone A Home?

November 30, 2010

Flipping channels late one night, I found the solution to all my heating problems; at least that is what Richard Karn, a.k.a. Al Borland, and Bob Vila wanted me to think. Together the two took me on a 20 minute adventure as to why I should invest in an EdenPure Heater. I’ll admit they had me going for a minute. Before showing the product, this tag team intelligently discussed Environmental Protection Agency findings, system efficiency percentages, and duct leakage. When Vila went on site with a certified home energy rater equipped with an infrared gun and a plain English explanation, I half thought I may have found the new product that would revolutionize the HVACR industry. And then - there it was - an EdenPure quartz infrared heater. It looked nice and seemed to be an improvement on standard space heaters, but one thing stood out - it was a space heater.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked out loud as I readied the remote to change channels. The next line, however, kept my attention for just a few more minutes as Vila explained to me how I could use this device to save money and zone my home. Yes, you heard me right. Bob Vila, among others I am sure, is out there trying to convince consumers that they can save money and zone their homes with a space heater more efficiently than standard HVACR practices.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below and then hit our comments section with your observations. It may be ridiculous to us, but over 40,000 people have watched this video and many of them are convinced the “This Old House” veteran knows what he is talking about.