Ontario to Amend the Regulations for HVAC Products

February 14, 2011

TORONTO - The Ontario Ministry of Energy has proposed amendments to the Ontario Energy Efficiency Regulation 82/95. It posted proposed energy efficiency requirements and/or testing methods for 11 new products and updates/revisions to 19 existing products. This is in addition to 15 products posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry in April 2010.

Equipment included in the 11 new products specific to the HVACR industry includes the following:

• gas-fired instantaneous water heaters;

• industrial/commercial gas-fired storage water heaters;

• industrial/commercial gas and oil-fired boilers;

• portable air conditioners;

• air handlers in residential space conditioning systems; and

• residential integrated mechanical systems.

Equipment included in the 19 existing products specific to the HVACR industry includes the following:

• industrial/commercial gas-fired package furnaces;

• water chillers;

• residential gas-fired water heaters;

• residential gas-fired steam and hot water boilers;

• residential/commercial gas-fired furnaces (three phase);

• gas-fired fireplaces;

• gas-fired room heaters;

• gas-fired wall furnaces; and

• food service refrigerators and freezers.

Details of the proposed updates have been posted on EBR and regulatory registry at Additional information on the Ontario Energy Efficiency Regulation (under the Green Energy Act, 2009) is available at

Publication date: 02/14/2011