New Steam Technology Training Center Opens

April 10, 2006
LISLE, Ill. - Spirax Sarco Inc. recently opened its fifth Steam Technology Training Center in the United States. Located at the company's Midwest regional facility, the center hosted an invitation-only open house for customers, distributors, and Spirax Sarco dignitaries. Spirax Sarco training centers are part of the company's commitment to support education in all areas of steam energy, believing that knowledge and understanding are the keys to energy conservation and resource utilization.

In addition to classroom space, Spirax Sarco equipped the training center with live steam labs including see-through components, such as steam traps and pressure powered condensate pumps, operating under various conditions. The center also demonstrates system-induced stalls, steam trap testing procedures, heat exchangers, boiler controls, temperature control systems, pressure reducing stations, instrumentation and controls, metering solutions, and compressed air systems.

Scheduled training courses focus on the operational needs connected with energy management, HVAC, operations, piping and process design, project engineering, process engineering, and maintenance.

Publication date: 04/10/2006