I Think...The NEWS Is a Voice of the Industry

October 30, 2007

I just saw a comment from a visitor to that accused our magazine of being “a shill for the manufacturers.” I think he was only partially correct. He should have said The NEWS is a “shill” for the industry and I would have been honored.

The mission of The NEWS is to be “the” resource for information in the HVACR industry and to be a communications link between buyers and sellers. Our editors are not trying to catch someone doing the wrong thing. We are trying to inform industry professionals of someone doing the right thing.

The NEWS is more than just an observer of the industry … we are a champion of the industry and the role it plays in the health and wellness of the country and the world. We also try to be “out front” challenging the industry to do better with education and career development. Click on the Learning Center or Career Center on our Website and you will see we are indeed a “shill” for the industry.