ACHRNEWS Seeks Instructors

September 29, 2008

HERON, Mont. - opened enrollment for its Online Faculty Training Program on Sept. 22. This course is part of the hiring process for new instructors at It is six weeks in length, requires good Internet access, and a six- to 10- hour commitment per week. The course takes participants through the experience of an online student and then explores the many unique challenges and skills of online teaching.

To teach online, instructors must be familiar and comfortable with the software used to deliver the courses and instruction. In addition, they motivate and engage the students to independently explore the subject matter through the curriculum and the numerous resources provided in each course. Individuals who complete the course successfully may be considered for the next step in the hiring process to teach online.

Prospective instructor candidates pay a $100 deposit for enrollment. At the end of the course, those who completed the six-week course successfully receive a full refund and are further considered as a candidate to join the online faculty. also offers a certificate option for individuals who want to expand their portfolio.

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Publication date: 09/29/2008