Air Movement Covered in Standards Book

June 26, 2000
Targeting contractors interested in general subjects relating to the air movement, air control, and airflow measurement products industry, the 1999 AMCA Standards Handbook is now available for review and/or comment.

The review period is anticipated to extend through September 2000 and includes the following eight standards:

  • BSR/AMCA 99-0098, “Basic Series of Preferred Numbers”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2404, “Drive Arrangements for Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2405, “Inlet Box Positions for Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2406, “Desig-nation for Rotation and Discharge of Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2407, “Motor Positions for Belt or Chain Drive Industrial Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2410, “Drive Arrangements for Tubular Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2413, “Dimensions for Industrial Centrifugal Fans”; and

  • BSR/AMCA 99-3404, “Drive Arrangements for Axial Fans with or without Evase and Inlet Box.”

To obtain any of the above copies, contact Joseph A. Brooks, AMCA Engineering Director, at 847-394-0150 (phone); 847-253-0088 (fax); or (e-mail).