A. O. Smith Water Products Co.: Boilers and Water Heaters

November 21, 2011
boilers and water heatersDesigned for versatility and energy savings, the XP boilers and XP automatic circulating water heater units bring together touchscreen simplicity and high-efficiency operation. The boilers and water heaters can be used for large-volume commercial applications. With a combination of control features and modulating capabilities, XP high-efficiency fully condensing boilers offer high outputs for demanding applications ranging from 920,000 to 3.4 million Btuh. XP models are designed to be used in both hydronic and potable hot-water applications such as large-volume, full-service hotels and high-rise apartment complexes as well as resorts, government buildings, schools, and hospitals. XP models are equipped with state-of-the-art stainless steel heat exchanger technology, which can achieve thermal efficiencies of up to 99 percent when used in low-temperature applications. The multipass/multiburner heat exchanger is designed to optimize efficiency and minimize operating costs with every heating cycle. Each unit features fully modulating burners with a turndown ratio of up to 20:1, which allows an unprecedented range of load-equalizing firing rates, the company claims. XP models match exact boiler output to the building’s needs or requirements. The control operates each of the burners as a separate boiler, which means that it is able to send error messages about problems with one burner while activating another – thus preventing system shutdowns.

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